Supertex produces Niche yarns of very high quality suitable for shirting varieties. It continuosly develops new varieties of yarn based on closed coordination with its customers and feeds from
deign center for new shirting varieties.

  • Material Range
    100% Micro denier Polyester yarns
    Polyester-Viscose yarns
    PVC yarns
    Cationic SupeDye yarns
  • Count Range
    Our count range includes 24ís 40ís 60ís 76ís 80ís 100ís and 120ís single Electronically cleared and double Autoconed.
  • FANCY SLUB Yarns
    We produce fancy yarn such as Ďslubí yarn with computer control wherein the Ďslubí
    (thick place) can be adjusted in diameter, length and frequency, to produce visually attractive fancy fabrics for shirting.
  • MICRO yarns
    Supertex was one of the first mills to use micro denier fiber and continues to be a market leader in this segment. The yarn is used to manufacture very soft quality shirtings.
  • SUPER DYE fancy STRIPE yarns
    Special brands for RMG segments like Ganga, Yamuna and Kalpatharu with different blend proportion of Micro denier polyster, cationic superdye polyster, viscose staple fibre and cotton fibres. This difference in varieties and blends produces a fancy stripe effect on appearance of fabric.